We Are Preparing Sprinkler Systems for This Spring!

March 22, 2019

Spring is finally here! You may see Interstate in the neighborhood, preparing sprinkler systems for this season. As part of our maintenance packages, we will check the sprinkler system and make sure everything is ready for the season. For your sprinkler maintenance in Clifton, VA, contact Interstate!


Attentive and Responsive Sprinkler Maintenance in Chantilly, VA

March 14, 2019

“Interstate Irrigation was great about contacting us to turn the system on or off in the Summer and Fall. They blow out the system every fall to get the water out of the pipes that are in the ground and then they come back in the spring and make sure all the sprinkler heads are working and coming up as planned. I was referred by a neighbor. I’d give them an A.”
– Homeowner in Chantilly, VA

We do sprinkler maintenance the right way – attentive and responsive. Contact Interstate today to learn more about your sprinkler installation and maintenance!


Sprinkler Maintenance Issues in the Midst of Cold Weather?

March 6, 2019

If your sprinkler system was not winterized this season, you may be facing maintenance issues with this cold weather. When Interstate installs a system, we ensure to prepare it so it’s ready before each season. We also aim to teach our customers on its usage and the settings adjustment. For a fully serviced sprinkler in Falls Church, VA, contact Interstate Irrigation!


Efficient Water Line Replacement in Springfield, VA

March 1, 2019

“The Interstate Irrigation team was very efficient. I’m the property manager for the property so when I called them, they took care of everything almost immediately. I think it was a water line that was broken. They had to dig outside and replace the water line. The clean-up was very good. I would recommend them – they did their job well!”
– E.K. in Springfield, VA


Whether you’re a property manager or homeowner, we will take care of your irrigation concerns. Contact Interstate today!


Sprinkler Maintenance in Burke, VA

February 22, 2019

Is the required maintenance one of the road blocks for installing a sprinkler system for your landscape? With Interstate Irrigation, you won’t have to worry about it! We have maintenance plans for every irrigation need and also do seasonal check ups. For your irrigation needs and concerns in Burke, VA, contact Interstate!


Positive Customer Feedback in Arlington, VA

February 13, 2019

“This is regarding the service on our lawn and garden sprinkler system. The service was exceptional compared to every other irrigation service I contacted. This was the only company that was professional, and stayed true to their word in diagnosing problems in our irrigation system. I would definitely recommend them to others.”
– Homeowner in Arlington, VA

We appreciate positive customer feedback! For any of your sprinkler needs, contact Interstate Irrigation today.

sprinkler maintenance

Full-Service Maintenance for Your Sprinkler System in Arlington, VA

February 5, 2019

What does sprinkler system winterization entail? First, the water supply is turned off and then compressed air is used to expel any residual water in the sprinkler lines. Then, all of the system drain valves are opened to free any water still trapped.

The valves above ground and other devices are stopped or insulated to prevent harm during the winter. It’s a delicate process that Interstate has performed for many years. For full-service maintenance for your irrigation system in Arlington, VA, Contact Interstate Irrigation & Lighting!

Designing the Lighting for Your Garden’s Aesthetic

January 29, 2019

“We hosted a party for my daughter last week. It’s a going away present since she’s spending some years abroad for studies and we held the party at the garden designed and decorated glamorously by these guys. It was fantastic.” – D.T. in Fairfax, VA

Outdoor lighting can transform your garden. Contact Interstate Irrigation today to discuss ideas you may have about your landscape lighting!


Winterizing Your Sprinkler Pipes in Reston, VA

January 23, 2019

Afraid of your sprinkler pipes freezing during the winter? The maintenance for our installed sprinklers includes winterization! If your pipes are not properly treated for the cold weather, then they may be subjected to cracks or damage. For professional, thorough service for your irrigation system in Reston, VA, contact Interstate Irrigation!


Reviewing Options for Your Sprinkler System in Northern VA

January 17, 2019

“For my lawn and garden sprinkler installation, the estimator was very informative and responsive. The installers came early and worked hard. They answered my questions and showed me how to program the controller. They also gave me a manual on system operation. I would use them again! Great company and employees.” – A.B. in Vienna, VA

From estimate to installation and then maintenance, we’ve got your sprinklers covered. Contact Interstate today to review options for your sprinkler system installation in Northern Virginia!