Preparing Your Sprinkler System for This Upcoming Winter

We are ready to prepare your sprinkler system for the Winter! When your system is not properly winterized, the pipes can freeze over and crack and the repairs can be costly and inconvenient. The sprinkler heads could also get damaged as a result. Our team recognizes that sprinkler system winterization is a vital process and will do the job right! For a job that is thorough and professional in Herndon, VA, contact Interstate Irrigation and Lighting at 703-250-8830!

Satisfied with Sprinkler System Installation in Woodbridge, VA

“We received a quote and were able to have our irrigation system installed in September. We decided to choose Interstate Irrigation & Lighting because they offered the most reasonable cost. The technicians arrived when they were expected, each person knew their job and completed it in a timely manner. We are very satisfied with the work and would recommend them!”
– S.P in Woodbridge, VA

For your sprinkler system installation, repair, winterizing or activating, contact Interstate at 703-250-8830!

Your Sprinkler System’s Winterization in Burke, VA

As the temperatures continue to cool in the area, have you scheduled your sprinkler system’s winterization yet? A well maintained sprinkler system that has been annually winterized should last 20 years or more with a few minor repairs along the way. Sprinkler system winterization is a standard process and we make sure that the job is done correctly. For a job that is thorough and professional, contact Interstate Irrigation and Lighting today at 703-250-8830.

Sprinkler Ongoing Maintenance in Burke, VA

“Interstate Irrigation starts up and shuts down my system yearly, along with providing maintenance as needed. I have used them several years and find them professional, knowledgeable, and reliable. We are very happy so far with the service.”
– L.B in Burke, VA

Learn more about our sprinkler system maintenance and installations by contacting Interstate Irrigation & Lighting at 703-250-8830!

Your Sprinkler System Winterization and Maintenance

As temperatures begin to drop, is your system ready for the cooler seasons? Along with sprinkler installations, our technicians are also highly skilled at sprinkler system winterization, an action that is necessary for all sprinklers. If your sprinkler pipes freeze during the winter because they were not properly winterized, your pipes can crack or the sprinkler head can get damaged. For a job that is thorough and professional, contact Interstate Irrigation and Lighting today at 703-250-8830.

Your Sprinkler Installation and Maintenance this Fall in Northern Virginia!

We offer high quality irrigation products to deliver the best results. Our sprinklers are easy to use, long-lasting and water-efficient. Did you know that Interstate also offers ongoing maintenance plans? We will adjust your sprinkler system in preparation for the seasonal changes. Contact us at 703-250-8830 for your sprinkler installation and maintenance this Fall!

Irrigation and Lighting Installation Completed in Arlington, VA

“We had a great experience with our installation that was completed last week. The representative was very professional and did a through assessment before giving us a quote. The Interstate team was exceptional in the installation. They were professional, friendly, easy to work with, did a neat job and communicated well. The rep came back today to check if everything was working fine and went through the whole system with us. We are very happy with their work and recommend them for both irrigation and lighting.”
– S.D in Arlington, VA

Need irrigation and lighting solutions for your home? Our skilled, trained professionals have been servicing lawn sprinkler and lighting systems for many years. Contact Interstate Irrigation for a free estimate at 703-250-8830!

Considering a Sprinkler System for Your Arlington, VA Landscape?

Are you considering a sprinkler system for your landscape this Fall? Interstate Irrigation will install your system with minimum disruption to your lawn and home! We are able to install systems under sidewalks and driveways without damage to your hardscape. Professionally designed and installed using the latest equipment, we will deliver a unique result that will accentuate your property’s beauty! Call us today at 703-250-8830!

sprinkler installation arlington, va

Sprinkler Installation in Woodbridge, VA

“Interstate was very professional. The crew that arrived to do the work was personable and very respectful. They replaced all of the pipe in one day and restored the lawn to original condition. They would be my first choice again.”
– R.J in Woodbridge, VA

For excellent ground coverage, explore our water-efficient sprinkler systems! For your sprinkler installation or repairs, contact Interstate Irrigation & Lighting at 703-250-8830.

Use Our Landscape Lighting to Add Ambience to Your Outdoor Space!

Looking to create a unique ambience for your outdoor space? Explore Interstate’s lighting design and products! Whether you opt for a simple system with only a few fixtures, or more complex, with many different fixtures for various effects, our low-voltage lighting systems will highlight the beauty of your gardens and landscape. To learn more, call Interstate Irrigation & Lighting at 703-250-8830!