Expertise in Sprinkler Installation and Repair Work in Falls Church, VA

“Interstate Irrigation identified where multiple recessed sprinkler heads were below grade level, and they elevated and/or replaced heads with new ones where defective. Excellent job all around. Displayed superb expertise in all aspects of job. I use Interstate for all my sprinkler needs, and have been very happy with their responsiveness and outstanding quality of work.”
– V.Z in Falls Church, VA

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Repairing Sprinkler System in Burke, VA

“Great work! We called to have some adjustments and minor repairs to our system. Interstate sent someone the next day! The technicians were extremely friendly, helpful, and efficient. They made all the adjustments in less than an hour and even corrected an issue we were not aware of. Highly recommended!”
– Will T. in Burke, VA

We’re happy to we hear back from a satisfied customer about their successful sprinkler system repairs! For your irrigation system concerns or if you’re interested in a new installation, call Interstate Irrigation at 703-250-8830!

Friendly and Professional Sprinkler Service in Ashburn, VA

“We used to use another “big name” irrigation service. They keep raising their prices. Interstate Irrigation was much more reasonable and honestly, the service is WAY better than our previous irrigation company. I highly recommend these guys. They are easy to reach, do an outstanding job, as well as friendly and professional. They patch up their repairs very nicely. A+++”
– Jack S. in Ashburn, VA

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Sprinkler Inefficiencies Affecting Your Springfield, VA Lawn?

Is your sprinkler system not running as efficiently as when it was first installed? Don’t wait any longer and let your lawn suffer – contact Interstate Irrigation soon! We’ll analyze your system and diagnose the issue efficiently and with as much attention to detail as possible. For your Springfield, VA landscape’s irrigation, contact Interstate Irrigation at 703-250-8830!


Repair of Sprinkler System in Sterling, VA

“These guys are tops, easy to work with and they know what they’re doing. I would not only hire Interstate again, I would recommend them to anyone. They repaired broken sprinklers, moved several and replaced a broken diaphragm. They reset my timers and programmed the flow duration. This was a perfect job.” – F.P. in Sterling, VA

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Efficient Water Line Replacement in Springfield, VA

“The Interstate Irrigation team was very efficient. I’m the property manager for the property so when I called them, they took care of everything almost immediately. I think it was a water line that was broken. They had to dig outside and replace the water line. The clean-up was very good. I would recommend them – they did their job well!”
– E.K. in Springfield, VA


Whether you’re a property manager or homeowner, we will take care of your irrigation concerns. Contact Interstate today!