Add Outdoor Lighting to Your Landscape in Reston, VA

Considering adding outdoor lighting to your landscape in Reston, VA? From simple configurations with a few lights to the more elaborate with many fixtures and various effects and settings, we will design and install the system that works best with your property. Choose the fixture and design and best reflects the mood that you’d like to cast throughout your outdoor spaces. Contact Interstate Irrigation & Lighting at 703-250-8830!

Yearly Inspection and Maintenance for Lawn Sprinkler in Centreville, VA

“We hired Interstate Irrigation to perform the yearly inspection/maintenance on the sprinkler system at our new home. On the day of the visit, the representative was punctual and professional and he patiently provided us with detailed information on how to operate the equipment as well as advice on how to conserve costs. This was very helpful. Highly recommend them!”
– A.G in Centreville, VA

For many years, our team of trained professionals has been providing exceptional lawn sprinkler installation and maintenance services for our customers. For your home’s irrigation or lighting needs this Spring, contact us at 703-250-8830!

Are Your Sprinkler Systems in Sterling, VA Running Efficiently This Spring?

Are your sprinkler systems ready for the Spring in Sterling, VA? Due to every irrigation system being unique, our maintenance plans include configuring your system at the beginning of the season to ensure that your sprinklers continue to work efficiently throughout the year. The Interstate team customize irrigation methods to fit your property’s specific needs. To learn more about our irrigation and lighting products and services, contact us at 703-250-8830.

Sprinkler System Installation in Centreville, VA

“Interstate installed our sprinkler system for us. I liked that from the estimator to the installers, everything went smoothly. They were punctual and completed the work in the amount of time that they told us. They showed me everything that I needed to know about it. They were quite wonderful, and I would recommend them.”
– N.F in Centreville, VA

From initial estimate to completion of your system’s installation, Interstate Irrigation & Lighting will deliver a customer-focused approach to your irrigation and lighting needs! Contact us at 703-250-8830.

Is Your Sprinkler System Ready for This Spring?

Is your sprinkler system prepped for the upcoming Spring season? With every unique sprinkler system, Interstate Irrigation also offers ongoing maintenance plans so that we can adjust your lawn sprinkler and lighting system each year to ensure it remains in top-notch working order. For your lawn sprinkler installation and service, contact us at 703-250-8830!

Irrigation System Installed and Maintained in Annandale, VA

“They did an excellent job of installing my irrigation system. I had some issues later, and the technician came out right away and corrected the problem. Would highly recommend!”
– A.P in Annandale, VA

Along with custom lawn and garden irrigation design and installation, Interstate Irrigation & Lighting also offers winterization, maintenance, repair, and automation to residential and commercial customers. We also do custom landscape lighting design, installation, and repair. Call us at 703-250-8830!

Considering a Sprinkler or Lighting System to Highlight Your Landscape?

Are you considering a sprinkler and/or lighting system to highlight your garden beds, trees and landscape in Alexandria, VA? With the latest equipment, the Interstate team will install your system with minimum disruption to your lawn and home! Licensed and insured, we can adjust your lawn sprinkler and lighting system each year to ensure it remains at peak performance. Contact us today at 703-250-8830!

Maintaining an Irrigation System in Burke, VA

“We use Interstate Irrigation to upkeep our irrigation system. Our technician is fantastic! I was given honest help and opinions. He came up with some very reasonable estimates for some heads, and adjusted others to meet my needs. He was willing to take his time to answer all of my questions and helped me come up with a schedule for my watering. I highly recommend this business!”
– L.M in Burke, VA

We offer ongoing maintenance plans, adjusting your lawn sprinkler system each year to ensure it remains in top-notch working order. Contact Interstate Irrigation & Lighting at 703-250-8830.

Our Irrigation Systems for Your Landscape in Chantilly, VA

Are you searching for an irrigation system that will fit the needs of your landscape? Our irrigation systems are easy to use, long-lasting, and water efficient! They provide excellent ground coverage and even distribution of water. Our team can also customize your system to fit your property’s specific needs. Contact Interstate Irrigation at 703-250-8830!

Lighting Design and Installation in Burke, VA

Along with our exceptional sprinkler products, we also offer outdoor lighting design and installation services! Are you looking for ways to enhance the beauty of your landscape? We have a range of fixtures for various effects for your gardens and outdoor spaces. You can curate the exact mood and atmosphere that you are looking for. Contact Interstate Irrigation & Lighting today at 703-250-8830!