New Sprinkler Installation in Ashburn, VA

April 13, 2020

“Interstate did a great job! Although there were many rocks in our yard, they still completed the job in 2 days. We are so happy with our new sprinkler system. Thank you!”
– H.K in Ashburn, VA

We are always glad to hear when customers tell us that they are satisfied with their new sprinkler installation! If you’re looking for a system that gives perfect irrigation coverage to your landscape, give Interstate Irrigation a call at 703-250-8830.

Lawn Sprinkler Maintenance in Clifton, VA

April 6, 2020

For over 20 years, we’ve serviced lawn sprinklers and lighting systems in Clifton, VA and the Northern Virginia area. We know that each system is unique and our experts will recommend the maintenance plan that best fits your system’s needs. Does your irrigation system need maintenance before the summer? Schedule your service with Interstate Irrigation at 703-250-8830.

Ensuring Your Irrigation Systems Have the Best Coverage and Work Properly

March 25, 2020

“They were very prompt and punctual and called before they came out. The technician was very nice and walked the whole system. He found a minor leak and made some suggestions about lowering the stream of water in places, installing new sprinkler heads, and making them more efficient. They came back and performed the repairs and installation. Highly recommended!”
– B.N in Oakton, VA

We approach our repairs and work on existing systems with the utmost care to ensure that each system is brought up-to-date to provide the best coverage and work properly. Give Interstate Irrigation a call at 703-250-8830.

Lighting Up Your Burke, VA Landscape

March 16, 2020

Are you looking for ways to add ambience to your outdoor living space? Consider our landscape lighting! We’ve got a range of styles of lighting fixtures and there are multiple possibilities of how you can design them around your property. Use them to accent structural elements around your landscape, add shadows, or create dramatic effects. For your lighting design and installation in Burke, VA, give Interstate Irrigation a call at 703-250-8830.

The Conscientious Professionals at Interstate Irrigation

March 9, 2020

“I have recommended Interstate Enterprises to everybody. Not only did they do an excellent job of installing and performing what they said, but before the sale, they made valuable recommendations that we appreciate. In addition, I have called for services, and they have done a good job with being here when they said, doing the work efficiently, and being conscientious professionals.”
– C.C in Dumfries, VA

For your sprinkler installation and servicing, contact Interstate Irrigation at 703-250-8830!

Your Sprinkler Installation in Falls Church, VA Taken Care Of

March 2, 2020

With Interstate, you can rest easy knowing that every detail of your sprinkler installation and maintenance will be taken care of. After each install, our technicians teach our clients how to use them to achieve the best results. The systems we offer are user-friendly, long-lasting with proper maintenance, and water efficient. We can customize the irrigation methods to meet the specific needs of your Falls Church, VA landscape. Contact us at 703-250-8830.

High Quality Service from Beginning to End

February 18, 2020

“These professionals were great. They were on time, performed a complex job well and gave a great price. They came back to make an adjustment – which was my choice – at no extra cost. We are very pleased with Interstate’s service and response time.”
– S.K in Springfield, VA

Our goal at Interstate is always to provide reliable and high quality service and make the job right, start to finish. For your sprinkler installation or maintenance, give us a call at 703-250-8830.

Lighting Design in Chantilly, VA

February 7, 2020

Are you trying to find ways to jazz up your outdoor living? Along with sprinkler system installation and maintenance, we also offer limitless choices of fixtures and designs that let you create the mood and atmosphere you want for your property. For your landscape lighting in Chantilly, VA, contact Interstate Irrigation at (703) 250-8830.

Sprinkler Installation and Maintenance in Dulles, VA

February 3, 2020

“Interstate installed a sprinkler system for our residential property. Very professional service and installation. Cost was very reasonable relative to other quotes, given the quality and quantity of the materials they used. They are a trustworthy business that I would go back to again.”
– M.E in Dulles, VA

Looking at sprinkler options for your landscape? To schedule installation or service, contact Interstate at 703-250-8830.

How to Enhance Your Landscape’s Aesthetic with Outdoor Lighting

January 27, 2020

Are you looking for new ways to enhance your landscape’s aesthetic? Discover outdoor lighting with Interstate Irrigation & Lighting! Whichever mood or atmosphere that you’d like for your outdoor living, we’ve got the lighting options and accessories for it! For more information on your lighting options in Falls Church, VA, call Interstate at 703-250-8830.