Repairing an Older Irrigation System in McLean, VA

January 17, 2020

“I hired this company to repair my decade-old irrigation system, and they did a fabulous and inexpensive job in locating two problems and fixing them. Since then I have used them regularly for maintenance.”
– H.W in McLean, VA

Whether your irrigation system is old or new, Interstate Irrigation will help! Schedule your installation, repair or maintenance with us at 703-250-8830.

Are Your Sprinklers Prepared for This Winter?

January 9, 2020

Are your sprinklers prepared for this winter? The Interstate crew has been servicing sprinkler systems in the Centreville, VA and Northern Virginia area for over 20 years. We are a licensed and insured state and county contractor for your sprinklers and lighting systems. Contact us at (703) 250-8830.

Sprinkler Serviced in Leesburg, VA

December 5, 2019

“Interstate was great. They came out and basically turned everything on that was loose. It was semi-raining, and they still came out. They actually moved a couple of the sprinkler heads for us without having to schedule a separate appointment – it was done on the spot. It was a huge time saver for me, and it was just great service. I’d recommend them for sure.”
– C.P in Leesburg, VA

For your sprinkler maintenance or installation, Interstate is ready! Call us at 703-250-8830.

Sprinkler Maintenance in Alexandria, VA

November 25, 2019

Interstate Irrigation visited a home in Alexandria, VA to perform maintenance before the colder months. Our level of dedication and care for our customers sets us apart from the rest. For efficient sprinkler set up or maintenance for your landscape, contact Interstate Irrigation at 703-250-8830.

Sprinklers in Falls Church, VA Running Efficiently?

November 15, 2019

“Interstate was on time and did the job. I am having them come in to make sure my sprinkler system is prepared for the colder months.”
– J.L in Falls Church, VA

We’ll come out and ensure that your irrigation systems are running efficiently! Call us about your sprinkler maintenance at 703-250-8830.

Irrigation System Repair in McLean, VA

June 10, 2019

“Interstate Irrigation had come out to repair my decade-old irrigation system, and they did a fabulous and inexpensive job in locating two problems and fixing them. Since then I have used them regularly for maintenance.”
– J.H. in McLean, VA

Need to diagnose your irrigation system before the heat and humidity hit your landscape this summer? Call Interstate Irrigation at 703-250-8830!


Sprinkler Leak Repaired in Herndon, VA

May 10, 2019

“The sprinkler was leaking at the house we just moved into, and they were able to come out soon. After evaluating the problem, they were able to repair and test the entire system, and it worked perfectly. The tech even showed me how to operate and troubleshoot the system! I would highly recommend them.”
– E.B. in Herndon, VA


Sprinkler system malfunctioning? Call in the experts – contact Interstate Irrigation at 703-250-8830!


Your Sprinkler Maintenance Taken Care of in Potomac Falls, VA!

April 25, 2019

“The technician who came out was friendly and went right to work and fixed the problem quickly. He showed me the old valve and explained that the hard freeze last year had caused the problem. He explained their annual maintenance contract, and I signed up for that too so that we do not run into the same problem in future. Highly recommend!”
– Potomac Falls, VA

Afraid of the maintenance that comes with installing sprinklers? With Interstate Irrigation’s maintenance options, you don’t need to worry! If you’re interested in installing irrigation for your landscape, call Interstate!


Sprinklers Prepared for the Spring in Oakton, VA

April 4, 2019

It’s that time of year where your sprinklers should be set up to be prepared for the Spring conditions. When you choose Interstate, you choose long-lasting, consistently maintained, and water efficient irrigation systems! If you’re still weighing your options for the watering of your landscape in , contact Interstate Irrigation at 703-250-8830 today!


Attentive and Responsive Sprinkler Maintenance in Chantilly, VA

March 14, 2019

“Interstate Irrigation was great about contacting us to turn the system on or off in the Summer and Fall. They blow out the system every fall to get the water out of the pipes that are in the ground and then they come back in the spring and make sure all the sprinkler heads are working and coming up as planned. I was referred by a neighbor. I’d give them an A.”
– Homeowner in Chantilly, VA

We do sprinkler maintenance the right way – attentive and responsive. Contact Interstate today to learn more about your sprinkler installation and maintenance!