Timely and High Quality Sprinkler Installation in Alexandria, VA

“The installer worked hard to complete the job. Interstate was timely with all requests. The supervisor gave us a complete tutorial on the system and ran several tests for us. When we wanted the sprinkler heads cut down, they did so without complaint after working a very long day and complicated yard. I would highly recommend them.”
– R.I in Alexandria, VA

Looking for a timely, high quality, and professional sprinkler installation? Contact Interstate Irrigation & Lighting at 703-250-8830!


sprinkler installation in alexandria, va

Sprinkler and Lighting System Installation in Burke, VA

Highlight your garden, trees and landscape with our professionally designed sprinkler and lighting systems! When the Interstate team installs these systems, we will complete it with the least amount of disruption to you and your family’s day. We also offer ongoing maintenance plans so that you can rest easy knowing that your irrigation system is running at peak efficiency. Contact us at 703-250-8830!


Sprinkler Installation in Burke, VA

The Right Professionals for Your Sprinkler System Installation and Maintenance

“Excellent job all around. Displayed superb expertise in all aspects of job. I use Interstate for all my sprinkler needs, and have been very happy with their responsiveness and outstanding quality of work.”
– L.B in Sterling, VA

Looking for the right professionals to install and maintain your sprinkler systems? Contact Interstate Irrigation & Lighting at 703-250-8830!

Our Water Efficient Sprinkler System in Falls Church, VA

Hesitant on installing a sprinkler system for your Falls Church, VA landscape due to water waste? You’ll be surprised at the water efficiency of our sprinklers! We have a variety of options for every type of landscape. Our products are easy-to-use and long-lasting, and we also offer maintenance plans. To go over sprinkler options, call Interstate Irrigation at 703-250-8830!

sprinkler systems falls church, va

Let Us Completely Manage Your Sprinkler Installation and Repairs in Fairfax, VA

Interstate Irrigation will completely manage your sprinkler installation, repair, winterizing and activation services that you need in Fairfax, VA. We can also help with installation & emergency repair/replacement of underground water-main service lines Along with our sprinkler services, we also offer the design, installation and repair of landscape lighting systems. Reach us at 703-250-8830!

Let Us Efficiently Install Your Sprinkler System in Clifton, VA

Need to add more to your landscape to prepare your outdoor space for these warmer days? Without damaging your landscape and with little interruption to your day, we will efficiently install your irrigation system! Our systems will cover your lawn and garden beds, customizable to the needs of your property. To learn more about our irrigation system offerings and services, schedule an appointment with us at 703-250-8830 or fill out our contact form: https://interstate-sprinklerlight.com/contact.php


Let Our Sprinklers Highlight Your Arlington, VA Home and Garden’s Beauty

Our professionally designed and installed lawn sprinkler and lighting systems deliver a unique result, each system highlighting your home and garden’s beauty. With our latest equipment and skilled technicians, we will install your system with minimum disruption to your lawn and home. Schedule your sprinkler or lighting installations in Arlington, VAwith Interstate at 703-250-8830!

Valuable Recommendations and Service for Sprinkler in Dumfries, VA

“I have recommended Interstate Irrigation to everybody. Not only did they do an excellent job of installing and performing what they said, but before the sale, they made valuable recommendations that we appreciate. In addition, I have called for services, and they have done a good job with being here when they said, doing the work efficiently, and the people are conscientious professionals.”
– Clint C. in Dumfries, VA

We appreciate when our customers recommend us! For your sprinkler installation and maintenance, contact Interstate at 703-250-8830.

Sprinkler Installation in Burke, VA

“They were very professional and very organized. All the workers that were on my property were well trained, conscientious, careful, and seemed to follow safety precautions while digging around the yard. They were very careful not to cause any unnecessary damage to the shrubs or the property. I was very satisfied.”
– Joe L. in Burke, VA

For all of our installation projects, the team at Interstate Irrigation will be mindful of your property. Looking for a new sprinkler system or need service for your existing one soon? Contact us at 703-250-8830!

Informative and Responsive Sprinkler Installation in Vienna, VA

“Interstate Irrigation & Lighting was very informative and responsive. Answered all my questions and gave me a written bid. They were very cost competitive. The installers came early and worked hard. They answered my questions and showed me how to program the controller. They also gave me a manual on system operation. I would use them again! Great company and employees.”
– A.B in Vienna, VA

Our goal is always to provide quality service and provide to our customers a well-installed irrigation system that creates beauty for their property. Call Interstate at 703-250-8830 for your sprinkler installation.