Lighting Design and Installation for Your Oakton, VA Landscape

Need lighting design and installation for your outdoor space? Let Interstate Irrigation & Lighting add beauty and elegance to your home and garden with our lighting products! We will utilize the right combination of lighting fixtures and layout to highlight the aesthetics of your landscape. For more information on our lighting products for your home in Oakton, VA, reach Interstate Irrigation at 703-250-8830!

Valuable Recommendations and Service for Sprinkler in Dumfries, VA

“I have recommended Interstate Irrigation to everybody. Not only did they do an excellent job of installing and performing what they said, but before the sale, they made valuable recommendations that we appreciate. In addition, I have called for services, and they have done a good job with being here when they said, doing the work efficiently, and the people are conscientious professionals.”
– Clint C. in Dumfries, VA

We appreciate when our customers recommend us! For your sprinkler installation and maintenance, contact Interstate at 703-250-8830.

Preparing Your Sprinkler System for This Upcoming Winter

Temperatures are dropping – is your sprinkler system prepared this winter season? Let Interstate Irrigation & Lighting manage your system’s winterization! This process is vital to the upkeep of your system, so that it can function correctly during the Spring and Summer. If a system is not properly winterized, this may lead to cracked pipes and damaged sprinkler heads. For your sprinkler’s maintenance or if you’re interested in a new installation in Falls Church, VA, call us at 703-250-8830.

Sprinkler Installation in Burke, VA

“They were very professional and very organized. All the workers that were on my property were well trained, conscientious, careful, and seemed to follow safety precautions while digging around the yard. They were very careful not to cause any unnecessary damage to the shrubs or the property. I was very satisfied.”
– Joe L. in Burke, VA

For all of our installation projects, the team at Interstate Irrigation will be mindful of your property. Looking for a new sprinkler system or need service for your existing one soon? Contact us at 703-250-8830!

Preparing Your Sprinkler for Winterization This Season

To prepare your sprinkler for its regular maintenance during the cold seasons, the Interstate team will ensure that your system’s winterization is completed correctly. The water supply to the sprinkler system will be turned off and all of the sprinkler lines are then filled with compressed air to expel any of the excess water in the pipes. Next, we open all of the system drain valves to free any residual water. Above ground valves and devices are stopped or insulated for them to remain intact and unharmed during the winter. For your sprinkler maintenance and installation in Fairfax, VA, reach our team at 703-250-8830!

Sprinkler System Maintenance in Burke, VA

“We use this company to upkeep our irrigation system. I had a question about a few of my sprinkler heads and the technician gave me honest help and opinions. He came up with some very reasonable estimates for some heads, and adjusted others to meet my needs. He was willing to take his time to answer all of my questions and helped me come up with a schedule for my watering.

In addition to Patrick’s care, any time I have called to schedule an appointment or ask questions, the receptionist has been friendly and able to give me an appointment right away. People like this are the face of the company and are what make me comfortable– even eager– to recommend this business.”
– Laura M. in Burke, VA

We appreciate the recommendation from our longtime customers! For your sprinkler installation and ongoing maintenance, reach Interstate Irrigation at 703-250-8830.

Sprinkler System Winterization This Season in Falls Church, VA

The technicians at Interstate Irrigation are highly skilled at sprinkler system winterization, an important part of maintenance for every system. If the process is not correctly done, serious issues can come up for your irrigation system. Systems that are annually winterized can last and function for longer. Allow Interstate to keep your sprinkler system safe in Falls Church, VA during the winter season at 703-250-8830!

Repairing Sprinkler System in Burke, VA

“Great work! We called to have some adjustments and minor repairs to our system. Interstate sent someone the next day! The technicians were extremely friendly, helpful, and efficient. They made all the adjustments in less than an hour and even corrected an issue we were not aware of. Highly recommended!”
– Will T. in Burke, VA

We’re happy to we hear back from a satisfied customer about their successful sprinkler system repairs! For your irrigation system concerns or if you’re interested in a new installation, call Interstate Irrigation at 703-250-8830!

Combination of Lighting Fixtures for Your Herndon, VA Property

Utilizing your outdoor space this Fall and considering installing lighting for your property? Interstate has many options to add beauty and elegance to your landscape. From accenting structural elements to playing with how shadows are cast, the right combination of lighting fixtures can transform the look of your home and garden. To learn more about lighting design in Herndon, VA, call us at 703-250-8830!